KACO Blueplanet 5kWp to 125 kWp

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KACO Blueplanet 5kWp to 125 kWp

Product Cost : Rs. 150,000 to 900.000

Category : String Inverters

Product Description

In 1999, KACO new energy revolutionised the market with the first series-ready string inverter without transformer. To this day, our string inverters are manufactured in Germany, but have long since captured worldwide markets. They are equipped for a wide variety of applications in PV plants of all sizes -H5from single-family homes to decentralised multi-megawatt solar parks.

The all-rounders among inverters

With the blueplanet 15.0 TL3 and 20.0 TL3 inverters you can easily deal with commercial and industrial solar power plants - even if non-uniform or mixed roofs require a sophisticated design. Both inverters have 2 MPP trackers to which you can connect 2 strings each symmetrically as well as unsymmetrically.

To give you all the options when choosing the PV modules, the MPP trackers can be assigned a maximum input current of 20 amps for connecting the strings in parallel - or you can bridge the trackers and even switch on 40 amps.

For ground-mounted solar parks you use the inverters as a congenial addition to the larger blueplanet 50.0 TL3. All inverters are suitable for connection to low voltage and medium voltage grids.

Extra safety

The safety aspect is emphasised by pre-installed sockets, which can be fitted at any time with SPD type 1+2 combined arrestors for DC overvoltage protection. In addition, the inverters are guarded against salt air corrosion near the sea as a standard feature.

The blueplanet 15.0 TL3 and 20.0 TL3 are also equipped with section switches ex works. These can be addressed directly by the Powador-protect control unit - the most cost-effective solution available on the market for grid and plant protection and feed-in management.

Your benefits at a glance

  • High flexibility for demanding system designs and string configurations
  • A manifold of safety functions
  • Installation-friendly connection area, and user-friendly operation
  • Numerous standard interfaces for extensive communication options
  • Internal storage of log data, no separate data logger required
  • blueplanet 20.0 TL3 certified for Japan

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